anyone want a friend

2013-10-17 09:41:58 by kirbmanboggle2

i'm free for any friend reqests

check out my new art

2013-09-25 10:30:15 by kirbmanboggle2

i made two new art sumbistions check em' out please -kb

check out my new art


2013-09-12 20:52:55 by kirbmanboggle2

if you like my art please view or follow

150 views thanks

2013-09-10 15:39:14 by kirbmanboggle2

thanks guys


2013-09-04 08:11:54 by kirbmanboggle2

12 saves 88 to go..........ranks are HARD! who knows what ungodly amount you gotta get for sup.comander


2013-08-15 15:04:36 by kirbmanboggle2

100 views thanks!


thanks to all that viewed my art:)


2013-08-08 16:12:17 by kirbmanboggle2

i just learned how to photoshop you'll be seeing art from me


2013-07-31 20:57:55 by kirbmanboggle2

how do you program video games?


2013-07-01 18:51:50 by kirbmanboggle2

i can't program video game's